Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde Beignet

Café Du Monde

If you go to New Orleans, you have to experience a beignet. We had just arrived that afternoon and went out to explore the city. When I first read about these delicious dough balls, I immediately thought of the Greek loukoumathe. Italians have their own version of fried dough as well called zeppoli. New Orleans has a beignet…and the best place for beignets is Café Du Monde. Located right on Decatur Street with both indoor and covered outdoor seating in their signature green and white colors. We sat outside, which was quite packed for a weekday afternoon. Service was quick and friendly. Basic menus are right on the table on the napkin holder. It consists of coffee (hot, cold, or frozen) and beignets. We didn’t want to spoil ourselves before dinner, so we split one order of beignets between us and two coffees. The coffee is dark roasted, rich, with no bitterness. You can have it “au lait”, which is half coffee and half hot milk. We had “au lait”, which was creamy and delicious. The beignets were fresh and hot when they arrived to the table a few minutes later. Beautiful golden fried and covered in powdered sugar. They are triangular and puffed up to about a half inch depth. Cooked perfectly through with fluffy dough mixing in the powdered sugar with each bite. They are sweet and delectable, with coffee being the perfect complement. It was a perfect welcome into the city…and a precursor of the delicious food to come.

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