Corduroy- Washington, D.C.

Cord Lobster Carpaccio

Corduroy- Washington, D.C.

We were invited to Corduroy by a few friends in the wine business. One of them lives in the D.C. area and always has a great recommendation for food. She’s also a great cook, so she knows good food. We arrived at Corduroy before everyone else and snagged a seat at the bar for a drink while we waited. It was a great little spot, neither too big nor too small, with a sleek, black marble counter. Everyone else ended up being very late, so we were able to drink two glasses of wine and cocktail each until they got there. It was very comfortable and I honestly could have stayed there all night.

Once all our party finally arrived, we were moved downstairs into a more traditional dining area. No marble here, just wood accents, simple white table clothes, and a more formal quiet atmosphere. Our waiter was French with the most beautiful accent. Everything that came out of his mouth sounded good. We didn’t do five courses or even get desserts because we were short on time at the point, so we just did starters and entrees. Greek Easter was right around the corner, so I had go meat free, which wasn’t at all disappointing like it could be at other restaurants. That’s probably another high point…we had a vegetarian with us as well and Corduroy put together a stunning plate of vegetables for her entrée on the spot.

We decided on lobster Carpaccio and squash soup for starters. My soup was creamy and rich in flavor and the lobster was sliced so thin it basically melted in your mouth with the butter. So good! We then moved on to our entrees of seared antelope with chestnut puree and crispy striped sea bass with cabbage. Let me say that the antelope looked incredible. From what Mike tells me, it tasted just as delicious as it looked. The color was amazing with a beautiful bright red juicy center. I shouldn’t knock my sea bass, because it was also cooked to texture perfection with a light crunch on the top layer and the inside just flaking off onto my fork. The seasoning was right on point for me, because it was light and savory to let the fish shine through. The cabbage was soft and paired brilliantly with the light chive curry sauce. When we go back, I will be ordering the antelope though, because I’ve never had it before and Corduroy is known for that dish.

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