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Cinsault or Sinsault is a red wine blending grape most commonly grown in Southern France. Cinsault has a dark skin and most often used in Grenache, Syrah, and Mouvedre blends. Cinsault is sometimes produced as its own variety as a Rose, which is airy and crisp with a pleasing nose. In France, Cinsault is allowed to be included in a Chateaneuf du Pape blend. However, in other parts of the world such as Morocco, Algeria, Tusisia, Corsica, and Lebanon, Cinsaut is one of the principal production grapes. It does extremely well in hot and dry climates, and is susceptible to rot in damp environments. Cinsaut is the very first founder of Pinotage in Africa. It was blended with Pinot Noir in 1925. Pinotage now is the majority grape in African vineyards of the Western Cape. Cinsaut produces extremely low tannins, but gives favorable aroma to any blend. Cinsault will give substantial yields of light red berries.

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