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Colombard is a white wine grape that is known as the French Colombard in North America. Some believe that it is a clone of the Gouasis Blanc and the Chenin Blanc. This early fruiting white wine grape was traditionally grown in the Gascony and Charente’s regions of France and is still among one of the few white wine grape varieties that is permitted in Bordeaux wine. Old Colombard vine grapes are crushed into a fruit white wine by some northern California vineyards producing a white wine with character in sweet and dry versions. Colombard is mostly grown in California in order to provide backbone because of its natural high acidic character for white wine jug blends. Because of its naturally high acid content, Colombard is a good choice for blended white wines. The Colombard white wine grape was the most popular vine grown in California until the early 1990s, as it was often the base for jug wines that were produced for the masses. If Colombard is treated properly, it can produce crisp white wines with a pleasant minerality and a citrus fruity aroma and flavor. In South Africa Colombards is known as Columbar, and to a somewhat lesser extent in Australia.


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Beauvignac Moelleux Picpoul 2018

Beauvignac Moelleux Picpoul is made from 60% Colombard and 40% Picpoul de Pinet.

There is some sweetness, all natural, coming from the ripeness and the natural sugar of the grapes as the fermentation was stopped before all the sugar was transformed into alcohol during alcoholic fermentation.

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