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Godello is a white wine grape planted in Galicia, Spain. On the verge of extinction, Godello was brought back in the 1970s, and now is one of the most popular white wine varieties. Godello wines produced in steel tanks have a crisp, fresh, and fruity with good mineral notes. Godello wines produced with oak are creamy on the palate, which is a direct result of contact with lees. The most notable characteristic of Godello wines is the wildflower flavor and a fuller body than most wines with the same mineral qualities. It is important not to confuse Godello with Verdelho. They are different grapes, but the same name is sometimes used. Godello is also known as Ojo de Gallo, Godenho, Agudelo, and Agodenho. 

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Minius Godello 2018

Minius Godello is made from 100 percent Godello.

Minius is a wine with a very live yellow color with green reflections. Highlighted on the nose are the citrus and floral aromas, along with white fruits notes and herbs like fennel. It is soft and elegant in mouth that together with the acidity gives a fresh and persistent finish.

Strict and careful grape selection in the vineyard and winery before destemming. Cold maceration at 10ºC during 3-4 hours. Presing. Alcoholic fermentation begins at 16,5 ºC in stainless steel under an automatic temperature control. Stabilization of the wine in isotermic tanks, filtering and bottling. Resting in the bottle during 30 days prior distribution.

Pairs with apperitives, rices, grilled seafood, white fish in sauce, cheeses, poultries

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