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Torrontes is a white wine grape variety from Argentina that includes three varieties. The most widely planted is Torrontés Riojano, which has been noted for creating superb wines. This variation is used mainly for Argentine wines with the name Torrontes. The Torrontés Sanjuanino variation generates large bundles of pale grapes, while the Torrontes Mendocino produces small bunches of grapes that are darker in color. A red wine grape variety called Torrontes is also available, but it goes under the name of Tarrantes and Turrundos. The grape variety produces nice and crisp wines that are acidic, aromatic and include a nice velvety texture. Torrontes wine includes fresh peach and apricot fruit flavors, and is ideal for early drinking. These wines tend to have quiet spice aromas and floral scents. The quality and taste of the wine depends on the winemaking process and the outcome is mainly due to the skill of the maker. The taste of Torrontes wines is said to be similar to Muscat, however, some wine experts assert that the taste also closely resembles Gewurztraminer. The wine should be consumed a year after it is created because the wine typically does not age well.

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