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Treixadura is a Portuguese white wine grape that is predominately grown is the Vinho Verde wine region in northeast Portugal. The grape is primarily used for blending which introduces body and light lemony aromatics to Loureiro and Alvarinho. It is also often blended with Lado and Torrontes.  The lightly scented white grape can also stand alone producing light-bodied wines with citrus flavors and aromas. Treixadura is a high quality grape that is also known as Trincadiera. Originally from the moncao sub-region Treixadura produces wines with a distinctive aroma. Although they can sometimes be unbalanced, they are very flavorful. Treixadura has a lower acid level with higher alcohol levels and is used to balance and blend with other Vinho Verde varietals. The grape ripens early and produces soft and fragrant wines with a strong citrus flavor. When pruned and maintained properly, Treixadura produces herbal and apple aromas with good acidity. The full-bodied wines feature mineral flavors. Treixadura prefers soils that are covered with slate, but should be planted in regions that have cool growing seasons. Treixadura must be harvested with the acidity has reached its peak as the sugar development can be rapid overpowering the acidity.

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