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Hiroshima Hattan

Hiroshima Hattan

Hattan rice dates back to the 1800s when the Hattanso rice variety was mixed by private growers. Following in the early 1900s, the Hiroshima prefecture started creating varieties of Hattan rice that would be more resistant to disease, produce high yields, and also craft a more excellent shinpaku. Different varieties of the Hattan rice were bred through the decades, and the results included stronger varieties that were more resistant to disease. The breeding also introduced varieties more ideal for sake brewing because of their ability to absorb water. Hiroshima Hattan features a signature delicate taste that is deliciously fragrant. The Kamoizumi Shuzo brewery in the Hiroshima prefecture crafts quality sakes from the Hiroshima Hattan variety. With junmai sake production to genshu nama, this distinct brewery showcases traditional methods with modern innovation. The Kazoizumi sake is truly unique sake that features the taste of fall leaves, mushrooms, and showcases a prominent smoothness. This sake is best when warm and pairs beautifully with fois gras or duck. It also blends nicely with dishes that feature mushrooms and other root vegetables. At the temperature of 105 degrees, the Kazoizumi is prominent sake from Timeless Wines that any wine connoisseur will love.

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