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Wine from Arlanza

Wine from Arlanza

Arlanza is a tiny wine producing region in Spain that is one of the freshest regions that has been labeled DO status. This lush region produces quality wines, although it is small in size. In 2007, the region was given the upgrade, although wine is said to have been produced in the region ever since the 7th century. It is said that the first recorded evidence of winemaking in the region is in the 12th century by monks who bought the vineyards in the region. In the late part of the 1800s, disease ravaged the vines, and the grapes had to be replanted. Soon after, the vines flourished. The region’s name comes from the Arlanza River, which snakes through this Spanish region.

The climate is hot and dry in the summer and is cold during the winter, and gives wines here their signature flavor.  The Arlanza region sits in Burgos, Castile, Leon, and Palencia regions of Spain and there are currently 11 wineries in the region.  Several varieties are planted in the region and the region has a yield limit for these varieties—giving roughly 10,000 kg for white wine grape types and around 7,000 for red wine grape types. Since the region is small, the lowest number of vines that can be planted is 2,000 vines.

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