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Wine from Friuli

Wine from Friuli

The majority of vineyards in the Friuli wine region in Italy are located in the southern half of the region. The region is bordered by the Alps, which separates it from Austria. Slovenia borders Friuli on the east. The northern part of the region is very mountainous giving way to plains and flatter terrain as it makes its way to the sea. Friuli enjoys chilly nights, and very warm days that help to maintain the balance in the grapes sugar and acidity levels. This allows for a long and slow grape growing season. During the summer, the average temperature is 73° with harvest taking place in September. The soils in Friuli vary from sand, clay and gravel in the valleys to flysch sandstone and calcium rich marl in the mountainous regions.   

White wine dominates the region, although 40% is red with Merlot being the most predominant red wine grape. During the 1960’s, winemakers pioneered white winemaking in Italy making it easier to remove the juice from the grape skins. The majority of Friuli wines is in varietal form and requires wine to be produced using 100% of one grape.

The philosophy of the winemakers in Friuli is to bring out the flavor and acidity of the grapes without masking the fruitiness with oak.

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Giorgio Z Pinot Grigio 2019

Giorgio Z Pinot Grigio is made from Pinot Grigio. 


Straw yellow color with golden tint.
Typical bouquet reminiscent of acacia blossom.   
The wine has a very refined taste, it is dry and full bodied with pleasing bitterness.

Soil type is Clay. 
Average age of the vines is 15 years old. 
100% hand harvested. 
Fermentation at 15°C during 15 days.
Aged in stainless steel tank on the fine lees for 6 months.
Slight filtration before bottling

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