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Wine from Gascogny

Wine from Gascogny

Gascogny is a wine sub region in South West France, which is divded between Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrenees. The Southwest wine region covers several areas that produce excellent wines near the region of Bordeaux, which is farther inland. This could be one of the reasons that South West wines have such distinctive flavors. Some describe the vineyards as, “Islands,” although they do not connect. South West wine grapes make use of the upstream rivers, Dordogne and Garonne, as well as their tributaries. This is the same for the Northern Basque Country and the area of Gascony including Bearn. Armagnac is in Gascony and produces brandy. The soil is alluvial mixed with sand and clay. With its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, although it is farther away behind Les Landes, Gascogny enjoys wet and sunny springs making it perfect for grape growing. Wines are usually purchased by the sub regions, and not the name. People tend to forgo the label, just to buy wine from a particular sub region such as Gascony.  Tannat, Gros Mensang, and Petit Mensang grape varietals are grown in South West France.

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