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Wine from Ribeiro

Wine from Ribeiro

Ribeiro has a long history of wine production and is a region in Spain that is located in the northeast province of Galicia. Situated in the Miño, Arnoia, Avia and Barbantiño River Valleys Ribeiro includes 9 municipalities.

According to historians, the first vineyards were most probably planted by ancient Romans. Ribeiro was known for its sweet wines from the middle ages up until the 18th century. Sweet wines in the Ribeiro region were produced long before the Canary Islands and Andalusia.

Grapes dried in the sun were made into sweet wine. These were called Ribadavia. It was during the 17th and 18th centuries that vast quantities of sweet wine were exported throughout England and the rest of Europe.

The vineyards are always planted between 75 and 400 meters above sea level on the valleys and slopes.

Terraces are used on the slopes, which can be very steep. The soils are for the most part granitic with gravel and stones. This improves the structure of the soil and also reflects sunlight. The texture of the soil is sandy with a tendency to acidify. This is corrected by growers.  

Ribeiro has an oceanic and Mediterranean climate, so it is humid and temperate, with average annual temperatures of 58 °


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