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Wine from Sardegna


Sardegna- The Italian island of Sardegna is the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea, following Sicily. The capital city is Sardinia. Sardina is home to the Vermentino variety and hosts the DOCG Vermentino di Gallura. Also produced in Sardegna is the Moscato di Tempio DOC, Malvasia di Bosa DOC, Cannonau (Grenache) DOC, Vernaccia di Oristano DOC, Nuragus di Cagliari DOC, Monica di Cagliari DOC, Carignano del Sulcis DOC, as well as the Nebbiolo, Torbato, and Nepente di Oliena varieties. The soils are rich in granite, limestone, sandstone, as well as mineral rich clays, free-draining sands and gravels. The Mediterranean Sea provides cooler temperatures in Sardinia viticulture. It is said the culture on the island is nowhere near as wine-oriented as mainland Italy. The island displays influences from neighboring Spain more so than Italy. The effects are reflected in their wines and grape varieties.

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