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Wine from Sherry

Wine from Sherry

A Spanish wine crafted close to the town of Jerez de la Frontera, Sherry is a popular white wine that is made mostly out of the Palomino grape variety.  The origin of Sherry comes from a location of a lot of hills and has been crafted in an array of various types. This wine has been crafted since the 16th century and has been a successful export wine, typically brought to countries such as England, and then exported all over the globe. The town of Jerez has been a popular spot for vine growing since the art of wine producing was brought to Spain around 1100 B.C.  When the Roman Empire took control of the area, the process was continued. The technique of distallation was brought to the region by the Moorish people, which led to the creation of brandy. During that time, Jerez was also called by the term Sherish, which lends to the name of the Spanish wine Sherry. Winemaking continued through the centuries, making this region one of the richest wine-producing regions in the world. Today, the wine is crafted in around 10 million cases. The wine is said to be a taste that one has to get acquainted with, because of its possible salty and robust flavor. Currently, there is a trend underway to increase the popularity of this wine due to its large supply and rich history.

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Leyenda Cream NV

Dark mahogany. Aromas of dried fruits, oak and raising notes. Smooth, well balanced, rich and complex with a long after taste.

To be served on its own at room temperature, chilled from the fridge or over ice 'on the rocks'. Also a superb way to accompany desserts, pastries and cured cheeses.

Leyenda Fino NV

Yellow straw‐colored, medium low intensity. Pungent, delicate and complex, with clear almonds notes and autolysis. The mouth is slightly soft, wityhout being sweet, the palate is round and fat with an excellent structure, volume and character but at the same time, the wine is still very fresh and saline. Long finish for this persistent wine.

As aperitif, while cooking, and accompanying the whole meal with it. It is ideal matching seafood and products of saline flavour and with acidity.

Leyenda Oloroso NV


Amber, clean and bright mahogany. Intense bouquet with slightly oaky and nutty notes. Dry, full and warm on the palate.

It is a very pleasant aperitif and can accompany meat and game dishes, or to serve with mature cheese.

Leyenda Pedro Ximenez NV

Intense mahogany. Deep aroma of dried fruits (raisins, figs) bouquet subtle notes of chocolate and coffee. Smooth and velvety in the mouth with a long after taste.

To be served with desserts, at room temperature or slightly chilled, delicious poured over ice cream.


"Violet color. Aromas and flavors of mashed raisins and prunes and chocolate nuts with a bright, sweet medium-full body and a subtle, long fig paste, mincemeat pie, and baklava finish with no oak. A rich and toothsome PX Sherry with great length and depth."
- Tastings, 2018 World Wine Championships, 93 pts - "EXCEPTIONAL"

 93 Points
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