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Wine from Vouvray

Wine from Vouvray

Vouvray is a well-known appellation of Loire Valley’s Touraine district in France. Wine production in the region is common but heavily depends on the weather conditions. Cooler climates in Vouvray lead to production of dry styles of wine while warmer climates tend to yield sweet styles of wine.

Chenin Blanc is nearly the only grape varietal that gets produced in Vouvray. There are some grape variations like the Arbois although it is considered to be a rare occurrence. Chenin Blanc grapes are planted across thousands of acres in Vouvray, making it the largest grape production in the region.

Chenin Blanc is known for its high acidity, especially when it is produced in dry style. Nevertheless, Vouvray wines are often characterized by honey, flower, nuts and fig that make delicious and complex wines.

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Alain de la Treille Vouvray 2020

Alain de la Treille Vouvray is made from 100 percent Vouvray.

This Vouvray is stunning with its elegancy and freshness, which carry through the ripe fruity palate, marrying with hints of honey and apricots.

Average age of the vines is 15 years old.

We produce a part of this cuvee with 12 hours skin maceration and another part from directly pressed grapes

Wine was slightly filtered before bottling to ensure wine will remain stable.

An amazing Chenin Blanc,that will be Great with BBQ Pork Spareribs or a gourmet Apple pie ...

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