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Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Junmai Ginjo Nigori (300ml)

ID No: 447937
Winery:Shirataki Shuzo
Grape Type:Rice Wine (Sake)
Bottle Size:300 ml
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Sake Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Genshu Junmaï Ginjo

Light, fluid, fruity
An icon among Niigata sakes, one of the most famous in Japan. A sake with fluidity, lightness, with a fruity nose (white fruits flesh). In mouth, it is clear and fine flavors on that slide as a source water to finish on pure and crystalline notes.

His name Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi, alone evokes the purity of water in mountains of Niigata. It goes wonderfully oysters, salmon tartare, the steamed white fish (sake, why not!). On a sashimi or carpaccio and crunchy pickled or cooked vegetables. Recommended serving temperature between 8°C to room temperature.

Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Genshu Junmai Daiginjo (720ml)

This beautiful, seasonal Genshu is powerfully aromatic and flavorful on the palate. These fresh and lively flavors are the result of pressing without the dilution of additional water. Classically Jozen in style with elegance and influenced by the soft snow texture of the famous water of that region.


Sake Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Hiyaoroshi (720ml)

Hiyaoroshi is a general term referring to sake that has been pasteurized once in the winter and then allowed to mature over the summer before distribution in autumn. The Japan Sake Brewers Association designates September 9th as the official start for Hiyaoroshi sales. (Essentially aged Namazume)

September 9th is known as Kiku-no-Sekku (“Chrysanthemum Festival”), where hundreds of chrysanthemums are displayed around various venues and chrysanthemum sake is served. The chrysanthemum (kiku) was brought to Japan from China during the Nara period. In 1183, it was adopted as the Imperial Seal of Japan, and during the Meiji period no one but the Emperor could use it. Nowadays it still represents the authority of the emperor and you can see it everywhere in Japan.

Aromas are forward, fresh, and fruity in the nose with notes of sweet melon, cherries, and hints of vanilla. Flavors on the palate evoke feelings of the season with pumpkin pie, roasted nuts, and stewed plums. This sake is medium-bodied and accented by medium acidity, showing classic Jozen minerality and a lingering dry finish. Additional 7 months of aging adds depth and roundness.

{Pairs with roasted poultry, baked ham, butternut squash ravioli, BBQ, and dishes with sweet spice.
Aged Gouda, triple cream, fresh chevre .

Sake Aizu Chushou Junmai Daiginjo Hattannishiki

This Junmai Daiginjo has a beautiful nose full of banana, melon and star anise. The all natural brewing process gives this sake a bright fresh palate of plum, lime and minerality with a clean dry finish. A very food friendly sake, and is thought to be best after the meal with a light, smooth, rich cow's milk cheese.

ALCOHOL: 16-17%
SMV +/-: +1.0

FOOD PAIRINGS: Poached Lobster, Seared Scallops, Tofu, Steamed Dumplings
CHEESE PAIRINGS: Brillat Savarin, Cambozola, Dulce Latte Gorgonzola, Mimolette

Sake Eikun Junmai Ginjo Big Hawk (300ml)

Rice milling: 60%
Rice varietal: Iwai (Only available in Kyoto)
Alcohol: 15%
Sake meter value: +3.0
Acidity: 1.3
Tasting Notes: --------

Eikun sake uses water from a source called "Fusui", rated as one of the top 100 sources of water in Japan. This water source is located just south of the ancient Japanese, and still cultural capital of Japan, Kyoto. 




"Clear with a platinum blue cast. Aromas of coconut milk, melon, pear and rice pudding with a with a supple, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a vanilla, apple, and pepper accented finish. A robust and lively sake that will sing with spicy Asian cuisine."
- Beverage Testing Institute (July 2nd 2014), 91 pts


Sake Uonuma Noujun Junmai

Dry and lean in the nose with hints of celery, pear puree and anise. On the palate this junmai is soft and creamy on the palate with rich, savory flavors of mocha, hazelnut, spicy vanilla, ending with crisp acidity.

ALCOHOL: 16-17%
SMV +/-: +2.0%
ACIDITY: 2.10%
RICE KOJI: Yamadanishiki
RICE KAKE: Yamadanishiki

FOOD PAIRINGS: Ideal with rustic Italian food, cheese and tomato centric or creamy pasta dishes

CHEESE PAIRINGS: Italian Raschera, Pecoria Reggiano

Product Description

Inviting aromas of mint, marshmallow and Asian pear pull you into this drink. Surprisingly dry, this Nigori (cloudy) style sake has a rich, chewy texture. The intriguing mid palate features mint, white chocolate, and tart cherries. The finish belies our expectations with an elegant, softness of minerals that settles in a dry finish.

Pair with roast duck, dry-rub ribs, full flavored country pate, and fruit and nut desserts of light sweetness.
Mildly ripe Coulommiers or Brie, Italian Raschera.

Winery: Shirataki Shuzo

Shirataki is located in the heart of the Japanese Alps called "Snow Country" in the Niigata prefecture. Each spring the snowpack melts providing an abundance of clear natural spring water. This water runs through a coal seam providing a natural filtration process that accentuates the taste and quality of the water. This very soft water is the secret behind the very light, elegant, pretty style of sake made at Shirataki. The town of Echigo Yuzawa is home to "Koshihikari" a famous high quality rice brand in Japan.

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